Our goal is to be a communal ran site where local brewers, bar owners, distributors, etc... can feed in and let you know what is happening in your Beer NERD community! A site where like minded enthusiasts can visit for all their beer info...A forum where advocates can share opinions, discuss home brewing or local beer spots. Sort of a facebook with just beer updates or a local dish website focused on what is happening in the craft beer world. So please feel free to contribute in any way you see fitting!

What is a Beer NERD?
A Beer NERD is someone who enjoys a fine craft beer and understands the time and effort involved in making that fine craft beer. Someone who doesn't see a fine craft brew as "one of those fancy, expensive beers". Someone who doesn't think Blue Moon is a craft beer.

What does N.E.R.D. stand for?
Network of Educated Refined Drinkers...We stand as a group of like minded individuals with the common goal to further our knowledge of beer and broaden our palettes.